Dessert Holdings® helps retailers impress their shoppers with premium, unique and eye-catching desserts by:

  • Delivering actionable consumer and category insights
  • Utilizing a diverse portfolio of on-trend formats and flavors
  • Leveraging our best-in-class innovation capabilities
  • Merchandising tools to elevate your in-store decorating program
  • Using only the finest premium, clean label ingredients

We offer formats and flavors that will drive category growth based on key trends and your specific needs

Single-Serve Cake Slices
Portion Control

Promote trial for bigger celebration cakes

"Eating for me" continues to be a top trend amongst shoppers

Premium Cakes
Raise the Bar

Draw attention with premium/gourmet segment

Premium segment has outperformed mainstream/value by up to +6% points

Clean Label Expectations
Shoppers Demand for Clean

Meet consumer demand for clean ingredients

55% of consumers look for food that contains only ingredients they recognize

Indulgent Bars
Individual Indulgence

Satisfy with premium grab 'n go bars

Single-serve desserts fulfill consumer desire for indulgence